Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shot of the day - A strange situation

I will get the name of this butterfly in a bit; though I know for sure that this is some kind of Lycaenid. It was a tough shot to take as I was carrying a relatively heavy lens, leaning over the grass and shooting in not so bright light. Nevertheless, this shot was more or less decent. It looks like the butterfly is gazing into a crystal ball trying to diving the future.
I did not notice it till I developed the picture, but if you look carefully you will see what looks like a juvenile spider just under the butterfly. If it was any bigger, the spider might have made a play on the butterfly. Which would have given the picture a very poignant twist. Nothing like this was attempted by the little fellow under the leaf and the subject of my picture flew away after a while, blissfully unaware of the sinister thoughts that might have been stirring in an Arachnid brain a very short distance away.
P.S. I later realised that the creature under the leaf was another fly and not a spider as I had thought. But the case with the spider makes a better story. 
P.P.S. I feel like a media executive after getting that off my chest.

Crystal Ball Gazing - Three subjects on a leaf of grass

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Chetan Alsisaria said...

This looks awesome!! The artistic side of a consultant :)