Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Butterfly Shoot

We had a nice get together with Anil, Chaitra, Chaitra's dad and Krishna. Chaitra had prepared a whole lot of stuff:

  1. One whole roast chicken
  2. Pulao rice
  3. Carrot cake
  4. Salad

I had made some fish curry. And bought the wine. We had a good time with them. Chaitra and Anil had got some board games over and while Prachi and I played Taboo and Dumb Charades with them, Dhruv was playing with Krishna. Hide & Seek apparently is still an enjoyable game. By the time we broke up it was 02:00 am and by the time we went to sleep it was 02:30. Nevertheless I was up the next morning in time to get the first butterflies of the New Year. And I was not disappointed. I missed getting a good shot of the Yellow Orange Tip, but got the following:

  1. Common Leopard
  2. Common Sailor
  3. Common Rose
  4. Striped Tiger
  5. Plain Tiger
  6. Blue Tiger

I am rapidly feeling that I do need a more specialized telephoto. The 70-300mm is a good lens, but I am missing the VR now. I have decided to shoot lesser in burst mode and make every shutter actuation count. The absence of VR does not help.

The pictures are on my Google+ album. A few of the best are on the 500px photostream.

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