Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dew drops in the morning

My current haunt is the meadow near my home. During the rains this place is under almost ten feet of run off from the hills nearby. After the rains various varieties of grass take root in this place. Despite admonishments from a numnber of people about the possibility of a serpentine encounter I am frequently in this area. Early in the morning is the best according to my experience. The meadow being in a low lying area is quite chilly and the insects are slow to respond. I am therefore able to capture a lot of these. Of late I have been noticing the drops of dew more closely. These are some that I took today morning. In the following shot you can see the blue sky reflected in the main dew drop.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/20 1/125s

In the following picture you can see the blades of grass captured withing the bubble.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/11 1/160s

There are a number of cases where several of the dew drops are present in a line. This is one where I could get three well shaped ones in a single file. Well two of them at least. With the third in the foreground and a bit off to the left. A bit like Orion's belt.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/14 1/250s

A couple of dew drops on their slow way down. There a number of photographs similar looking to this snap. They are taken generally with the main subject being a leaf. In my case it is a blade of grass.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/9 1/250s

Another shot with three drops.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/14 1/160s

A profusion of dew drops on a leaf with main drops to the edge. If you look closely you can see that a number of these drops are spherical. I think that in the biggest one I can see myself taking aim and focusing.

Nikon D90 Tokina 100mm Macro ISO320 f/11 1/100s

These drops are beautiful. I am however a bit stumped trying to get almost most of the drop in focus. I know that I have to increase the f number.Maybe tomorrow morning I will be successful. All pictures shot in RAW. Initial post processing was done on ViewNX. Minor curve adjustment and watermark addition was done using GIMP.

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