Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Time to blog again

I have been very busy with my work and hence did not get a chance to blog for some time. A few quick updates from my side:

  1. I have given up the idea of having a motorcycle. Partly because I am too tired to drive these days and partly because an Insurance Agent told me that he saw his friend getting crushed under a dumper truck.
  2. I have bought a Nikon D-90 as a step up into the DSLR space. Should be having this for about 4-5 years. My HS10 and Nikon pocket cameras will give me company. I am also holding onto my Canon Film SLR.
  3. I am hoping to have a holiday abroad in the first or second week of March.
  4. I have not made any New Year resolutions. Yet.

More later. Will be also posting on photography. In the meantime, this a picture with the D-90:

Mouse, Trois

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