Sunday, December 05, 2010

Children and why we love them

In appreciation for my time spent in training, my company had presented me with a glass memento. One of the affairs made of two prisms. Not a very spectacular looking thing - so said the boss, who was a co-trainer and my wife. But hey, a memento is a memento and I was proud of it.

Last night, my son was playing on the floor along with his plane and fancy spinning tops. Despite my warning, he had also taken my memento which he happened to knock over and break in two. Upset, I asked him to throw it out. His face was drawn as he took the two pieces and walked out of the room. Minutes later he whizzed back and forth the dining room and his own room. As I wondered what he was upto I heard a loud sound of something falling on our glass table top and I got up to investigate.

What I saw, made my heart melt. My son was trying to put the two pieces together with some paper glue. This would never work, but he did not know it. I could not help but pick him up, all 6 years and 26 kilos of sweetness and console him. I just hope this innocence is never lost. Ever.

Update: As of today morning, he has managed to stick it back together, using copious amounts of glue. Sweetness.

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