Saturday, October 31, 2009

So has anyone seen Gunda?

During dinner today one of my colleagues showed me some scenes from this film.

Very interesting.

Very different.

Very amazing.

You really, really require to leave your brain behind (on the other side of the world, buried under tonnes of rock) to see this. Nevertheless, I think that this work of (f)art is worth a watch.

Some of the gems I got to see:
1. A creepy sidekick screaming "Bulla, bulla, bulla ...." while clutching a sword to his stomach. The scenery kept shifting from the docks to the mines to the docks to the mines ....
2. The villain spouting gems like "Arre, tu to mar gayee ..." (Oh, you are dead) on seeing his sister's dead body; she has been raped to death by another villain.
3. The police standing by while the politician is knifed to death - what chance do three guns have against a knife.

The only other such piece of (f)art I have had the pleasure of skimming through is "Jaani Dushman". Right now I cannot say that I am not waiting to see Gunda.

heh heh

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